Mini Seedcamp Helsingborg done for this time

It’s been a great event and I am very satisfied with how everything worked out. Everybody has been so positive and happy to be a part of the mentoring sessions, panel debate and of course all the social interaction in between.

A happy camper. A happy seedcamper.

The three teams that got special attention and who got chosen by popular vote are:

  1. Kvittar
  3. Peerialism

You can find some of the pictures from the event on Flickr or see what the participants tweeted about.

I would like to thank all the participating teams, the great mentors who gave their time and attention to our exciting entreprenuers for making this a rewarding event for everybody. It has been fun collaborating with the seedcamp group and we are looking forward to be able to do it agin. ūüôā


/Jonas @SHIP


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More walking directions

Since one of the teams coming to Helsingborg, have created a walking rout application I immediately tried it out. Here is the map I made with directions on how to get from Knutpunkten to SHIP.

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Article summarizing the 20 teams (in swedish)

Here is an article in the online publication (in Swedish) presenting a short summary of all the selected teams. The list goes as follow:

1Calendar ‚Äď n√§tbaserad kalender f√∂r studerande att dela med varandra, med info om lektioner, f√∂rel√§sningar, sociala evenemang och andra aktiviteter.

Ambadoo ‚Äď utvecklar en mobil kontaktdatabas som alltid √§r uppdaterad, och som kan delas med vem som helst, n√§r som helst ‚Äď erbjuder personer att dela information p√• 35 olika spr√•k

Blazing Red ‚Äď n√§tbaserade spel som funkar lika bra p√• avancerade spelkonsoller som enkla PC:s

Bluewalks ‚Äď mobilt navigeringssystem med reseguider som alla kan bidra till

Goodway ‚Äď utvecklar en tj√§nst d√§r man kan se gatuvyer, vilka som bor p√• din tidigare adress, vad de bloggar om, och vilka som tidigare bott i huset

Kvittar ‚Äď utvecklar en tj√§nst som erbjuder elektroniska kvitton; snabbare, billigare och mer milj√∂v√§nligt

Link-Republic ‚Äď sekundsnabb information om film, musik och TV med bara ett musklick ‚Äď tj√§nst f√∂r internetleverant√∂rer d√§r ett obegr√§nsat antal anv√§ndare kan samsas om samma xDSL-lina

Nudge ‚Äď tj√§nst som p√•minner n√§r det √§r dags att ta sin medicin. P√•minnelser via SMS, e-post och/eller p√• telefon direkt till patienten eller v√•rdaren.

√Ėnders et Gonas ‚Äď iPhone-baserad plattform f√∂r smidigare eventplanering

Peerialism ‚Äď peer-to-peer-l√∂sning ger billigare video streaming och distribution av stora filer

Red Apple Apartments ‚Äď n√§tbaserad bokningstj√§nst f√∂r korttidshyra av l√§genheter i Europa

Sagastream ‚Äď utvecklar interaktiva videotj√§nster p√• n√§tet

Senseboard AB ‚Äď mobil version av Nintendo Wii och samtidigt ett fullv√§rdigt tangentbord f√∂r mobilen

Tailorbet ‚Äď kontaktannonser i Twitterformat

The Cloudo Company ‚Äď cloud-baserad tj√§nst f√∂r filhantering b√•de i mobilen och p√• datorn

Whynot ‚Äď “Something big is brewing,” meddelar dessa hemliga entrepren√∂rer

Witsbits AB ‚Äď mjukvara baserat i molnet (cloud computing)

YubiTech ‚Äď utvecklar applikationer f√∂r smartphones


I am very much looking forward to having them here pitching their ideas.

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The Mini Seedcamp teams are selected

Today the teams that get to compete in the Mini Seedcamp in Helsingborg are selected. We are looking forward to a great day here @ SHIP.

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Soon all shall be revealed

Well, at least soon we will know who made the cut and are amongst the twenty teams that will get to come to Helsingborg for the Mini Seedcamp. I suppose that it’s a tough job coosing amongst all the great applications from seed hungry entreprenuers.

I have gotten word that there were as many as 59 teams applying to this event and judging has started. The Seedcamp group in London will be announcing the competing teams next week! This is exciting stuff.

In less than two week SHIP will once again be filled to the brim:

Image from the conference "Näringslivsdagarna goes local" @SHIP

Image from the conference "Näringslivsdagarna goes local" @SHIP

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How to find SHIP

This little map shows how to walk from the railwaystation, the bar Helsing and the three official hotels for the Mini Seedcamp.

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We are closing in on the 19th

We are getting closer and closer to the last date for applying to the Mini Seedcamp in Helsingborg. Right now there is a buzz about it and I hope all mentors do as good a job promoting the event as Joakim Jardenberg does. Go and see what is being said about this event all over the startup-community.

After 19 April¬†the Seedcamp group in London will pick the twenty teams that get to come to Helsingborg. Right now we don’t know how many have applied, only that a week or so ago there were 37 applications in the process. Hopefully the application process itself will help the teams that don’t make the pick. The work laid down in this application process will pay off when applying for seed capital¬†elswere too I am sure.


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